How to make your own Flash Game

This tutorial is a guide on how to make your own flash game that you can post on your own website such as myspce or freewebs,

Step 1: You Will first need to go to the website:

Step 2: Click on the create my game tab

Image  1

Step 3: Find a Image that you will use fox the character once you have done this continue on to step 4

Step 4: Hit either the browse button If you have the image on your computer or hit the web button if you have found a image on the internet you want to use.

Image  2

Step 5: Skip to step 7 if your not using a image for your computer, Hit the browse button and a window will pop up:

Image  3

Step 6: Select your image then click open, you should now see the image in the image frame box:

Image  4

Step 7: If you used a image from your computer then skip to step 9, Hit the web button and enter the direct url to the image in the highlighted box now click on the ok button

Image  5

Step 8:

Step 6: You should now see the image in the image frame box:

Image  4

Step 9: Now you have to select your sort of game you want to make by choising one from the bottom, if you dont liike any there then hit the see all button and select one from there.

S 7

Step 10: Now tou have chosen your game make your character fit in the face section by fiddling round with the Scale bar, now type in your text what you want the game to say at the start, If you want to see what the game looks like so far chose the preview button.

S 8S 8

Step 11: Now fill in your games information!


Step 12: Once you have finished entering you game info press the save and play button.


Step 13: You dont need to register to make your game so click to skip sign up link,


Step 14: If you dont want to send it to your mates then carry on and click the skip this step button


Step 15: Now you have finished your game! Well done, Give it ago and set a high score!


Step 16: If you would like to post your game on this blog then post the game link on the comments section and It will be added, Follow there guides on adding it to your specific website!

If you need anyhelp just post below!


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