How to put Music On a PSP

This Is A Simple Tutorial On How To Put Music On A PSP

To get everything working, plug the Sony PSP into the Windows PC via USB cable, plug the PSP into the wall, then turn the psp on. On the PSP, click the “USB Connection” button (on the Settings menu) and, hopefully, your PC will beep and tell you that it’s found a new “removable disk”: your PSP.

Go To My Computer then under Devices With Removeable Storage, you should see your psp. Find the new PSP device and double click it and if there isn’t already a folder called MUSIC on it, create one as you ordinarily would create a folder in Windows. Now just drop in any drop in MP3 format music files (which means that you can’t play music you get from the Apple iTunes Store, for example, because that’s in a different format).


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