Photoshop Tutorial

SC7This is a beginners photoshop tutorial for how to make a good background using photoshop 7 or CS.

Well to start make a new blank canvas with a transparent background, any size you want (I will be using 400×400 pixels)

Click the gradient tool and make sure the settings look like this:


Gradient tool can be found here:


Then click on the canvas and go crazy, I ended up with this:


Then duplicate the layer (layer >> duplicate layer)

And go to filter >> Distort >> Wave

Make sure the settings are the same as mine and click randomize until you find something you like:


Press ok and then change the layer settings to this:


Flatten the image (Layer >> Flatten Image)

(The following is optional)

Duplicate the layer again and go to Distort >> Wave

Now click randomize like you id previously and change to lighten again.

Flatten the Image

You can repeat this stage as many times as you like but if you do it to many times your background will look cluttered.

At the moment mine looks like this:

Time to add some color!

Go to Image >> Adjustments >> Hue/Saturation

Make sure your image has only one layer (That is what flatten image does)

Check the colorize box and move the sliders until you are happy with the result.

Here is what I ended up with:


Good Luck with it!


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