Basic BBC Codes

Heres a list of all basic BBC Codes that you might need

Bold Text -> [b]text[/b]

Italic Text -> [i]text[/i]

Underlined Text -> [u]text[/u]

Strike through -> [s]text[/s]

Move Text -> [move]text[/move]

Text to the Left -> [left]text[/left]

Text to the Right -> [right]text[/right]

Text in the Center ->[center]text[/center]

Adjust the text size -> [size=14pt]text[/size]

Adjust the text font -> [font=Verdana]text[/font]

Insert Flash -> [flash=400,350]http://flashlink.swf[/flash]

Insert Image -> [img]http://image link.jpg[/img]

Insert URL -> [url=site Link]Site Description[/url]


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