How to speed up internet Explorer

This is a tutorial on how to speed up intenet explorer,

Step 1) Open up Internet Explorer

Step 2) Select Tools -> Internet Options

Step 3) If using I.E 6 Click delete Files tab the delet offline content box as well then hit Ok.

Step 4) If using I.E 7 Unde the browsing history section hit delete -> Delete files -> Yes

Step 5) Now go back to the original internet options box and click on the settings button,

Step 6) In the disk space to use box change it to 56, Its usually on 1000+

Step 7) Under the section ‘Check for newer version of stored page’  Select the option ‘everytime i visit the page’

Step 8) Click Ok

Step 9) Now go back to the original Internet Options page and go to the security tab,

Step 10) Click the button that says restore zones to default level.

Step 11) Now hit apply then Ok and cross everything down!

Well Done!


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