How to speed up Mozilla Firefox

This tutorial is for how to speed up mozilla firefox,

1.   Open the Firefox “config” page: click into the Firefox address location bar, and type about:config , press Enter.
2.   The config file will appear in the Firefox browser as a page with hundreds of lines of code in it. Now, we start by enabling some advanced tabbed options.

3.   Locate the line browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs (only for versions older than Firefox 1.5). Tip: press “b” on your keyboard to quick scroll.

4.   Double click on browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs . This will set its toggle to “true”. Now your advanced and enhanced tabbing should be set.

5.   Next: we will increase the “pipeline” RAM ability for Firefox to accomodate more packet transfer. In the same config document, scroll down to the line that says network.http.pipelining . Double click this line to set it to “true”. Find network.http.proxy.pipelining and set it to “true”.

6.   Lastly, we will increase the maximum pipeline requests to 100. Find the line that says network.http.pipelining.maxrequests . Double click on it, and a dialog box will pop up. Change the setting from 4 to 100.

7.   No need to save this file. Simply close and restart Firefox, and you should see an immediate 10% to 40% increase in web page transfer speed, and faster opening of your tabbed windows! Enjoy!

This tutorial was taken fom the firefox website Link here

Good Luck


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