How to set a homepage on wordpress

This tutorial teaches you how to change the default homepage of showing you the latest blogs and set it to a homepage.

Step 1) First of you will need to make a homepage, so Sign into your blog click write -> Write page -> and write your new homepage, for the title just call it Homepage

Step 2) Once you have finished writing you now need to click publish and the page will be added to the pages catergory on your blog.

Step 3) Now we need to set that page as a Homepage,

Step 4) On your admin panel instead of going to write go to options -> Reading

Step 5) Find the section that says front page display and change it from your latest posts and to a static page.

Step 6) Select the front page option and on the down tab navigate the homepage.

Step 7) Scroll to the bottom and select update options

Now your Done!


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